What are the configurations of a good metal raised floor
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With the development of electronic equipment, many enterprises have their own data space, anti-static flooring is becoming more and more popular, many manufacturers into the field of metal raised floor, the market is increasingly inferior products, these inferior products not only do not reach the trust of consumers to buy metal raised floor, but also bring negative impact to the industry. Today, we will introduce you what configuration of metal raised floor has.

metal raised floor

The characteristics of a good metal raised floor:

1, good metal raised floor environmental protection. Meet the national standard substrate should reach E1 level, that is, formaldehyde emissions should be less than 9mg/100g, below the standard substrate is harmless to humans. Buy metal raised floor, if you smell a pungent smell, do not buy.

2, a good metal raised floor to anti-static. The lower this indicator, the worse the moisture-proof performance. And poor leak-proof flooring in the spring rainy season in a humid environment, there is a high risk of expansion and deformation and other problems. We want to remind you to buy those flooring with water absorption expansion rate below 10%.

3, a good metal raised floor does not fade, imitation solid wood flooring color is bright, fine pattern. But some imitation solid wood flooring pattern such as chalk on the blackboard, with the eraser pattern is not.

4、metal raised floor, high wear resistance is one of the outstanding advantages of laminate wood flooring. Now, the mainstream products in the world market should reach the third level of corrosion resistance (i.e., the speed reaches more than 6000 rpm). In the flooring market, many cheap floors are made of low-quality wear-resistant paper, the weather resistance is naturally very poor, and the service life will be greatly shortened.
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