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Raised access flooring accessories are the various components and add-ons used with raised flooring systems to enhance their functionality and aesthetics. These accessories include Raised Floor Stringers, Copper foils, Raised Floor Grommets, Raised floor lifters, Raised floor pedestals, and more.

The primary advantage of raised access flooring accessories is that they provide flexibility and customization capabilities for the flooring system. These accessories can be used to adjust the height of the floor, add structural support, provide cable management, and ensure proper ventilation.

Raised access flooring accessories are commonly used in computer rooms, data centers, telecom facilities, and other industrial or commercial applications that require an elevated flooring system. These accessories can also be found in museums, educational facilities, and government buildings.

The main function of raised access flooring accessories is to enhance the functionality and usability of the raised flooring system. Pedestals and stringers provide support and adjust the height of the flooring, while grommets and cable managers provide cable management and improve electrical safety. Ramps and stair systems improve accessibility, while air grills and ventilation panels ensure proper ventilation.

To select the right raised access flooring accessories, it is essential to consider the specific requirements of the space, such as the load capacity, ventilation needs, and the need for cable management. Additionally, factors such as durability, aesthetics, and maintenance requirements may also influence the choice of raised access flooring accessories.

In conclusion, raised access flooring accessories play an essential role in enhancing the functionality and aesthetics of the flooring system. These accessories offer flexibility and customization capabilities while supporting cable management, ventilation, and access. By considering specific requirements and factors, the right raised access flooring accessories can be chosen to meet both functional and aesthetic needs.

  • Raised Floor Stringer

    Raised Floor Stringer

    Raised Floor Stringer
    Size: 21×32×573mm/21×32×1170mm
    Surface: cold galvanized/ hot galvanized/ powder galvanized
    Gasket: with or without
  • Copper foil

    Copper foil

    Customized Copper foil 3cm 4cm 5cm
    Copper foil is a non-essential item for raised floor installation, generally, 3cm wide, 4cm or 5cm wide,and the thickness can be customized. Divided into self-adhesive copper foil and non-self-adhesive copper foil.
  • Raised Floor Grommet

    Raised Floor Grommet

    Raised Floor Grommet Divided into: brushed wire box and brushless wire box. The shape is round, square and rectangular.
  • Raised floor lifter

    Raised floor lifter

    Raised floor panel lifter adopts high and new technology of gluing and blistering principle, which effectively solves the complicated problems in the installation and maintenance of anti-static raised floor. There are two kinds of lifter: single cup and double cup lifter.
  • Raised floor pedestal

    Raised floor pedestal

    The Adjustable raised floor pedestal is an impotant accessories for rasied floor.The support system is the quickest and cheapest solution for the installation of access floor. Pedestals provide adjustable supports for the raised access floor panel through being bonded to the floor slab with adh...
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