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Aluminum Perforated Panel
Aluminum Perforated Access Floor

The ventilated floor is similar to the traditional upholstered air conditioning system. The main difference of the ventilated floor is that it is ventilated from the lower space of the floor; different local climatic environments can be formed in the same large space; the indoor airflow is distributed from the floor to the ceiling. Aluminum raised flooring is completely made of aluminum alloy under a negative pressure, which combines the corrosion resistance and high strength of the aluminum alloy. It has the characteristics of high dimensional accuracy, good electrical conductivity, good fire resistance, anti-magnetic, and non-deformation. The performance is extremely stable, but the maintenance cost is large, and the labor intensity during maintenance is large, which is easy to damage the stability of the bottom support system of the floor, and requires professional personnel to operate.

Ventilation Rate :


Materials :


Panel Size :

600* 600mm and other special size

Edge Trim Type :

Formal trim、Trimless

Finish Covering :

Bare with powder coated、1.0-2.0mm Anti- static Laminate HPL、2.0-3.0mm PVC、10mm Cermic and etc.

Damper :


Installation :

With Stringer System

anti static floor trimless


Aluminum raised floors can be used in the following fields:

Microelectronics industry (wafer plant, TFT/LCD, packaging and testing, printed circuit boards), semiconductor industry, flat panel display industry, life science industry, precision engineering and ultra-clean environmental electronics industry.


● 15%-65% ventilation rate

● Patent design with high dimensional accuracy

● Light weight and excellent loading capacity

● Conductive and static dissipative coverings and coatings

● Contains no ferrous materials to disrupt magnetic fields

● Excellent rolling load performance

● Die cast aluminum panels meet call A1 fire rating

● Good performance of waterproof

● Pollution and radiation free

● Recyclable and economic system

● Various pedestals and structure system

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