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Calcium Sulphate Floor

A calcium sulphate floor is a popular type of raised access flooring system that is made from calcium sulfate hemihydrate, a material that is highly resistant to both fire and moisture. The production process of calcium sulphate floors involves binding calcium sulphate granulate with water and additives, then drying and pressing the mixture into panels.

The advantages of calcium sulphate floors include their high-load capacity, resistance to moisture damage, and fire resistance. The flooring system can support heavy equipment, machinery, and furnishings without bowing or sagging over extended periods. The panels also provide a stable surface for walking, and their fire resistance properties make them ideal for use in properties that require added protection against fire hazards.

Calcium sulphate floors are commonly used in commercial, industrial, and institutional settings, including data centers, office buildings, hospitals, and schools. They are also increasingly used in modern residential buildings that require high functionality and flexibility in space management.

Installation of calcium sulphate floors is a straightforward process and can be done by qualified professionals. First, the pedestals are anchored onto the subfloor, and then the panels are laid onto the pedestals. The panels can be fitted to different heights depending on the needs of the facility.

Maintenance of calcium sulphate floors typically involves regular cleaning to keep them free from debris and other contaminants. The flooring system should be vacuumed or swept regularly and cleaned with a neutral floor cleaner to preserve its condition.

The main function of calcium sulphate floors is to provide a stable, durable, and safe flooring system that can handle heavy loads without wearing out over time. They provide ample space for electrical and mechanical components, and they can be customized to meet the specific needs of different settings.

In summary, calcium sulphate floors are a popular choice for modern commercial and industrial buildings that require a high-performance raised access flooring system. They offer unparalleled load capacity, are moisture and fire-resistant, and easy to install and maintain. Calcium sulphate floors are perfect for use in areas with high foot traffic, heavy machinery, and equipment, such as data centers or cleanrooms, where specific performance criteria needs to be met.

  • Anti static Calcium Sulphate Floor

    Anti static Calcium Sulphate Floor

    Anti-static calcium sulphate raised access floor consists of high-strength calcium sulphate core. steel sheet is bonded to the bottom of core.HPL,PVC or anti-static ceramic tiles is bonded to the top of core.PVC edging strip is glued to each edge of the panel,avoiding common occurrences of floor bub...
  • Ceramic finish Calcium Sulphate Floor

    Ceramic finish Calcium Sulphate Floor

    Ceramic calcium sulfate raised access floor combines the advantages of ceramic tile and calcium sulfate panel. It is an excellent choice for the ideal indoor environment in office flooring and any commercial building.
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