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  • 55% Airflow Aluminum Raised Floor Grille Panels

    Model: 55% Airflow Aluminum Raised Floor Grille Panels

    55% 600x600 AFG55 Airflow Aluminum Raised Floor Grille Panels - Die-cast Aluminum Grille Panels with 55% unobstructed open area, are designed for new and existing data center and computer room applications, also is the ideal solution for use in contained aisles with high foot traffic. This Raised Fl...
  • Aluminum Perforated Panel

    Model: Aluminum Perforated Panel

    The main difference of the ventilated floor is that it is ventilated from the lower space of the floor; different local climatic environments can be formed in the same large space; the indoor airflow is distributed from the floor to the ceiling. Aluminum raised flooring is completely made ...
  • Anti static Calcium Sulphate Floor

    Model: Anti static Calcium Sulphate Floor

    Anti-static calcium sulphate raised access floor consists of high-strength calcium sulphate core. steel sheet is bonded to the bottom of core.HPL,PVC or anti-static ceramic tiles is bonded to the top of core.PVC edging strip is glued to each edge of the panel,avoiding common occurrences of floor bub...
  • Ceramic finish Calcium Sulphate Floor

    Model: Ceramic finish Calcium Sulphate Floor

    Ceramic calcium sulfate raised access floor combines the advantages of ceramic tile and calcium sulfate panel. It is an excellent choice for the ideal indoor environment in office flooring and any commercial building.
  • Ceramic raised access floor

    Model: Ceramic raised access floor

    Ceramic Access Floor is made of anti-static ceramic and steel as the main body, which is stretched forming,spot-welded, coated with epoxy powder after phosphating, infill with foamed cement, with corner lock. The bottom of all-steel anti-static floor with Porcelain surface made of ST14 stretching bo...
  • Glass Raised Floor

    Model: Glass Raised Floor

    Experience the durability, safety, and aesthetic appeal of our Glass Raised Floor and other raised floor panels. Enhance your space with a flooring solution that combines functionality with an elegant and transparent design. Contact us today to explore the possibilities and elevate your environment ...
  • Woodcore Floor

    Model: Woodcore Floor

    Wood core/chipboard flooring system is made of high-density composite wood core glue to and encased in hot-dipped galvanized formed steel sheets. These chipboard raised access floor tiles have a class A flame spread rating and provide excellent rigidity, durability, and acoustic performance.
  • Tile Color

    ZIli supplier offer anti static ceramic tile,ODM Ceramic raised access floor,Ceramic raised access floor Tile Color,anti static ceramic tile etc, ZIli supplier providers not only offer a comprehensive range of tile color options and anti-static solutions but also provide invaluable guidance and...
  • Anti-static ceramic tile

    Model: Anti-static ceramic tile

    Anti-static ceramic tile is an ideal anti-static and decorative compatible material, and it is a new type of anti-static material, which overcome the current use, such as epoxy and melamine, PVC anti-static coating, floor, anti-static rubber sheet, and other polymer materials are easy to age, not we...
  • Anti-static Lamninate HPL

    Model: Anti-static Lamninate HPL

    HPL is the most common surface covering used on access floors, it's a kind of interior decoration surface material which is made from kraft paper immersed in resin and treated by high temperature and pressure.
  • Conductive ESD Tile

    Model: Conductive ESD Tile

    Static ESD Tile is composed of polyvinyl chloride resin, plasticize, stabilizer, coupling agent, conductive material, and other substances. It conducts electricity by using the static conductive network formed between the plastic particle interface and has a permanent anti-static function.
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    As a professional manufacture of Access raised flooring,we have 28 years experience in this field and also have a good reputation.

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